Things that your kid should know before kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is among the most amazing and exciting things in the life of every child.   kindergarten. However, there is much for your kid to learn before they go to kindergarten. This is one thing that parents will forget but will still want their kids to have the same exciting moments as kids who have learned certain skills before this time.

Although your kid cannot learn everything, the teachers will expect your kids to learn certain things before this moment comes. Some of these things may be too obvious, but many kids will start kindergarten without knowing them. Please look at the following things and make sure that your kids learn them before they start kindergarten.

Verbalising needs and wants

Parents spend so much time with their kids to know how their kids behave when they need something. For this reason, they can attend to the needs and wants of their kids in time. However, when you take your kids to kindergarten, you have to know that you are taking your kid to a total stranger.  The teacher has never spent time with your kids and therefore, does not know how your kids behave when they want anything. Therefore, it is important that before you send your kids to kindergarten, they can verbalise what they need or want. 

Knowing and writing their names

The other thing that your kids must know is their names and writing them down.  You have to train your kids when it comes to their names. Your kid will naturally know their names since they hear people calling them on their names. However, writing the names may be stressful. This is why you have to ensure that you help them write the names down. They may not be perfect, but it will be easy for the teachers to teach other subjects if your kids have this skill already.

Getting dressed

Most of the parents are used to dressing their kids. Therefore, kids have a tough time when they are asked to dress themselves. As you send your kid to kindergarten, always know that there are many kids there such that the teacher may not get the chance of dressing all of them. Therefore, your kid should learn how to put on their coats, shoes, and pants to make things easier.

Bathroom skills

The teachers in the kindergarten are not the same as the caregivers in the daycares. This means that they are not likely to take your kids to the bathroom now and then. The only thing that the teacher can do is help the kid locate the bathroom. You have to ensure that your kid takes himself or herself to the bathroom and knows how to wipe themselves and wash their hands after leaving the bathroom.   It would be best if you began practising this with your kids at an early age to ensure that they have all the skills required by the time they are going to kindergarten.


It is the duty of a teacher in Busy Bees Gympie to teach the kids some topics, but as a parent, you must begin this when you are at home.  Therefore, you should teach your kids how to count to be prepared before they begin schooling.