5 Tips For Handling A Cranky Toddler

Kids tend to get irrational when it comes to something they need to have at that particular moment, be it a scoop of ice cream, a toy from that particular store out of town or even a big fish they saw at an aquarium. They act as irrational as their wishes appear to be. In such cases, they tend to get cranky and plainly, it gets really impossible to make them subjective to good behaviour. I would just normally give up because let us be real, they sure do have a lot of energy to channel at these times. Here are a few tips that can help you, and hopefully myself too in the future, to deal with cranky kids.

Do not take it personal

Yes, it gets annoying when the child in front of you is just screaming and crying and throwing things out like he is in a sports match. But, the basic thing to note is to not get personal with these tantrums. Do not let yourself be affected by those sheer screams for you will get cranky too which is not the effective way to deal with the situation.


It is often seen that when kids start getting cranky, it is because they have had a minimal amount of sleep than usual. You are getting calls from the Wattle early childhood centre and you can just imagine the havoc your child is creating in his irrational mood. Hence, it is important that you put your child to periodic sleeping patterns that will help him keep energetic for the right reasons.


While this may be a funny way of dealing with a cranky toddler, it has proved to be quite effective since the older times. All you have to do is mirror the exact expressions and voice of your child being in the magnificence of his cranky mood and watch your child slowly change his emotions to a considerate, mature human being. They just cannot stand another human being depicting what they are born to do.


Usually, at child care centers, kids are too distracted with toys and canvases to spatter with paint, to actually be in a bad mood. This technique proves to be effective at homes too. Toys, they usually find at homes and often get bored easily. Try distracting them with scribbles of colors and writing on pages because this old school method never fails to impress the kids.

Wear them out

This is another technique from the old books that has proven to be effective. Whether they are at the child care centers or at home or even at a playground, wear them out with activities that require running and dancing around. They will not have any time to be in a bad mood then.